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October 9

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I am a SUPER TREY FAN...DUH all of TSMB is. I am a mommy of the best daughter in the world, KaLeah, I'm in college majoring in Communications and minoring in Marketing. I want to be an Event Coordinator and I am working on my upcoming company Sa Vie. My favorite Trey Songz, songs are "In the Middle," that got me And I love "First Date Sex," "Your Side of The Bed" mmaanny more, I dont have enough characters to name them all lol. But yeah I have been a Trey fan since early 06, and I Go HAM for the boy. I does what I can. And my New Years Resolution was to finally get a Pic wt Trey, errrbody else in TSMB got So Im going to do my best to get it so please let me know about any Trey events anywhere near Los Angeles, hell anywhere in Cali...true TSMB bust Trey Missions 4 Trigga..BBEEELLLEEE DAT. lol.
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Hey there Cali Trey Fan!! I'm trying to organize and get Trey to Cali or try to plan a meet & greet when he does get here - Please join and work with us. Yuuup!!