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Miss Kris I just voted for you! Good Luck!!! Let us know what happens if you win! I hope you do win!!!

On: Dec 05, 2010
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On: Dec 02, 2010
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On: Dec 02, 2010

My homegirl and I will attending both the cd signing and the concert...I can't wait this is going to truely be a Day with Trey...For all of ya'll who know what I mean by that...LoL Anyway I hope to see all you ladies there!!! This is going to be a night to remember!!! Hit me up for those on twitter @TheBarbieCop

On: Nov 27, 2010
Replied To: Wish Trey a Happy Birthday! (Blog)
On: Nov 20, 2010
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Hello Everyone!!! My name is Victoria! I live in North Carolina. Born in VA. I am a big supporter of Trey Songz. For me the man can do no wrong! I love his music and although I can't really sing I am always jamming out to some Trey Songz! I have met Trey before and he is so sweet! I can honestly say that Trey really goes out of his way to make that moment for the fan everything and more...! I love me some Trey and I can't get enough. Shout out to ALL my fellow Trey's Angels!!!
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