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Replied To: ANNIVERSARY (Blog)
On: Mar 16, 2011

This would be very good! Yes, very good. Although the hubby might get jealous and kick Trey outta the bed LOL!

Replied To: TreySongz "bed body" pillow (Forum topic)
On: Mar 16, 2011
On: Mar 15, 2011

I likes! You had good seats =)

Replied To: NEW VIDEO TOUR PHOTOS (Forum topic)
On: Mar 04, 2011

Wow, very inspiring words. Many fans forget that Trey Songz is a whole other person, Tremaine Neverson. Sometimes he just needs to be that person and no one else. I agree with everything you have said. I often have to take a twitter and/or fan club break just to reset myself as I am sure Trey does. Doesn't mean he is not thinking about his fans or wanting to do things for him, just means he needs a break. Keep up with the family hun, you belong here!

Replied To: The Negativity Must Go!!!!!!!!!!! (Forum topic)
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