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Replied To: FOLLOW FRIDAY (Blog)
On: Jan 28, 2011

All of you ladies are right! I support Trey Songz. I don't really know Tremaine except for what Trey glimpses we have gotten. I would hope that he is true to himself as Trey is but we just don't know. The man I met, Trey Songz, was a kind person respecting his fan and I truly appreciated it. I will continue to do ME as you all should continue to do YOU!

Thanks for the post and the #realtalk.

PS - My twitter is @thelsteve (it was just easier for me LOL)

On: Jan 28, 2011
Replied To: FOLLOW FRIDAY (Blog)
On: Jan 23, 2011

Thanks ladies. I know ya'll are I am waiting patiently!

On: Jan 21, 2011
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