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OHHH, it's a lot of thing that I want to do for himmm!!! First of all,I will talk , hug and make him feel happy

miss him so*

On: Mar 14, 2011

I'm live in Thailand . Shame right? I want to meet himm sooooooooooo

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On: Mar 14, 2011

Ariel,thx for u comment but I am Thai it's hard to call into radio moreover I don't have a tweet accout but I will sigh up it!!caz I do want to contact him very much I die!!! u know I watch his MV ,interview cilp vedio every day caz I want to see his face and want to heard his voice it's drive me crazy!!!! Anyway, I want to write a letter or e-mail to him . Do u have his personal e-mail or the address something like that

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On: Mar 14, 2011

thank you very much CUTGURL609 . I will do like u said.

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On: Mar 13, 2011

I want to meet him too,I do want it .. kind of need to meet him!!! I don't know how tooand most improtant is I'm Thai ,herad that he never ever go to Thailand before so what I have to do nowww!!!
I wanna meet himmmm sooo muchhh, i wanna cry when I speak about him,make me crazyyyyy.

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On: Mar 13, 2011
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I never ever fall in love like crazy like this before you know? I don't know how I can spent my time to watch Trey's MV ,his vedio cilp or something like that all day long ,I don't eat anything at noon and dinner cuz i watch his face on my computer and BB all day and I don't feel hungry or something like that never!!! OMG Am I crazyy.Anyway,I am new here so I want you to give me some suggestion about TRey mean to contact to follow him everything about him plz,give me your hand. thxxx love you guys and love Trey!!!!!
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