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- thyy !
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Story of a Girl →-&& HERE'S WHEN DUH HATTEN START'S← -* јυṡṡ τø lετ сhυ ќṉøώ ï ḋṉτ ќαɾε ώhατ α ṉïģģα øɾ ƒεṃαlε ģøτταh ṡαÿ вøυτ ṃεh. сυṡ ατ τhε εṉḋ øƒ τhεε ḋαÿ ïṃṃα αlώαÿṡ ḋø ṃε τøø,.τhεε ƒυllεṡτ (вεṡτ τø вεlïεṿε ḋατ) ♥-&&+ I GO BYE THE NAME:thyy ♥I BLOW DUH CANDLES OUT: ..JULY,28 1994 ♥ I RUNN THEE HALL'S AT BROWNN MIDDLE ♥STADUSS:SINGLE LOOKING:NOT REALLY I ROLL WIFF NOTHING BHUDD THE BEST,. I LOVE FAMILY AND FRANN'S THERR DEE BESTT:) -&& + fαм[ιℓу] ¢σмє'ѕ вєfσя αиуσиє -и∂-σя-αиутнιиg:) WELL IM SEXII,freakii,ADORABLE,FUN,CR8ZXY,WILD,LOUD,GETTO AS HELL...., ѕo ιғ yoυ wanna ĸnow мore вoυт мeн jυѕѕ нιт мeн υpp wιғғ a мeg'zх or coммenт (dυceѕ)
united states