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You are such a passionate artist and you said in plenty interviews that your inspiration for your music comes from life experiences. Does anything like books or poetry inspire you? If so who are some of your favorite poets and authors??

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On: Jul 02, 2012

What is some of the best advice you received that you put into action in your day to day life?

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On: Jul 02, 2012

That's why you're the greatest my prince! Love you! *Kisses and hugs*

Replied To: Chapter V Europe Promo Part II (Blog)
On: Jun 10, 2012

I really love this video, it completely expresses how love can really feel. It was sad at the beginning and end tho. It was kinda hard to watch him on that operating table.='( But nonetheless, it was a great storyline and concept!! Great job Trey and Kelly!!

On: May 05, 2012

Trey and Kelly look absolutely adorable in this teaser! Can't wait to see the whole video! Trey never disappoints, he always delivers!!! Very impressive so far!!

Replied To: "Heart Attack" Teaser [Watch] (Blog)
On: Apr 30, 2012's picture
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I am an aspiring hairstylist that resides in Chicago. I graduated cosmetology school in Jan. 2011. I am a very laidback, passionate, and loving woman. Music is my life, and with that being said... I can't go a day without listening to Trey Songz' music. I crave his voice, and everytime I hear him day is complete. He is my motivation and his music makes me forget about all that is going wrong. He is a true talent, and he is the only celebrity out there that appreciates his fans just as much as we appreciate him. I love Trey and I am an angel for life!! -Love LoveMeTiLItHurt
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