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Im going too! Me and another angel was tryna meet up with some angels b4 the show. We know a lot of dmv angels but haven't met any Baltimore angels really. follow me on Twitter so we can all try to set something up @bellafairy13 ....I would love to meet u guys!

On: Nov 17, 2012

1st row see u there! It's my Xmas gift to myself too and celebrating 1st semester of grad school!

On: Nov 17, 2012

Hey! I'm going to that show. Not doing vip but Ima get platinum seats if they are offered which usually they are at 1st mariner. I know a lot of dmv angels but not a lot of Baltimore angels. Follow me on Twitter @bellafairy13

On: Nov 03, 2012

Ladies u will get your packages eventually...unfortunately they ship out things very very slow...a lot of the times the items are sold out and their waiting for them to be restocked. I cant even remember how long it took me to get my stuff. Hope you guys get your stuff soon and welcome to the fam! Im gonna follow you guys on twitter @bellafairy13

Replied To: treys angels ()
On: Sep 27, 2012

Happy Birthday and welcome angel!!!!

On: Mar 20, 2012
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I am pretty diverse when it comes to music but my absolute favorite artist is Trey Songz! My ipod is filled wit Trey! I play it so much that my mother knows his songs, old and new ones! lol I have seen him in concert soo many times! Follow me on twitter @tinkerbella17
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