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Replied To: Free Giveaway Friday! (Blog)
On: Mar 17, 2010
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I first took notice to Trey when I saw the "Gotta Make It" video. It was then that I became captivated by the sound, passion, and style of Tremaine Neverson. Overtime he has become my favorite R&B artist, for I love his brand. It is so reminiscent of the old Robert Kelly from It's because he can rap and enjoys doing so that I have deemedhim my personal R&B thug:) So, naturally, I am head over heals for the mixtape "Swagga like Songz" and of course the new release. I love the music and the man behind it so much that the first concert I ever attended was at the Cannon Center here in Memphis in May of 2008 and my second concert will be held at the same venue to see the same artist, Trey Songz. All in all, I am a huge fan and I am thrilled that the nation has taken notice to the talent and style of Mr.Tremaine Neverson, for with massive exposure comes more opportunities.