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I'M #TeamLove because, I want to be with you for a LIFETIME and not just a NOTCH on your bed headboard!

On: Mar 25, 2012

Hi Angels.. I just wanted to know if or when will Treys Angels have a "Plus Size" line for your "Slightly larger" angels. Some of the items are really cute, but are for smaller angels & I would have to have something made in that style if i wanted. So, if u don't mind, think of us larger angels who Love to rep being a Treys Angel!! Thanks for your time! :0

On: Mar 18, 2012

Hi, Angels.. I'm having a problem log-in into the web site. Whenever I log on to view anything "angel" related (like comments, etc) it brings me back to the membership page, and I renewed my membership around Dec or Jan. My e-mail is "

On: Mar 11, 2012

Good Afternoon Angels.. Just wondering if you found my membership renewal? I know my membership expires Dec.23rd, but I renewed my membership on Aug. 25th so, I hope you found it. I have my second shirt & tea tag as well. Please let me know before I send on for a new one. Thanks

On: Dec 18, 2011
On: Oct 19, 2011
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My name is Tomiko Y'vette, I'm a LOONG time & MATURE fan of Trey Songz & I am PROUD to say one of his Angels. I'm the mother of 2 girl's ages 14 & 9 and they keep me busy. I love being one of Trey's Angels, because, it's MORE than just a fan club.. It's a SISTERHOOD where everyone GENUINELY love & care about each other , the AWH network, and Trey himself. These females go H..A.M. for this man and works HARD for us!! I LOOVE BEING AN ANGEL!
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@Tomiko67 -Self Assured Angel