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Hi my name is Ashley I have been inquiring for months about adding more apparel to the Angels line in which I've done my research and see that it has been trademarked. I am one the Angels who have been working on a project for the line and would like to know before I spend any more money and time into this should I stop because I'm not sure if I would ne sued I'm not trying to make my own profit without bringing it before the company anyway. I just would like to be apart of the design team to help create more for the Angels and bring it to a larger audience. I have done my marketing research business proposal. Right now I need to know if this would be a waste of my time and money. So if you would please direct me to the right person on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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On: Mar 09, 2012

Okay so I posted on here a while back about a possible clothing line for Treys Angels which will include Winter/Fall Spring/Summer collections that will be designed by an Angel which I am currently making 2012 Fall Spring/Summer collection. But I will post all pictures of finished items. Would really like some feedback. Thank You.

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On: Nov 24, 2011

Marriage has all things to consider and marryint him would be for love most say because of who Trey is well I dont know who Tremaine is so by far Trey is this singer who.has a life of fame and we all must understand that whether a,person has,fame or money when decide to be by their side you can be their rock love conquers all but what can you really say you love about him other than his music and who you think he is i'm going to be honest when I look at him I see so much pain in his eyes and hear so much sorrow in his voice that I can only imagine that he hasnt found that one woman who he cant live without nor do I think he's even ready because there are so many women who put on the prosona of being something their not but marriage whether broke rich blind or deaf I.would spend to know him you'll never know everything about a person so why try just enjoy the life you guys will spend together

On: Aug 17, 2011

I was wondering if I should start on the samlpe clothing need to know as soon as possible

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On: Aug 13, 2011

I was wondering who do I speak with about making some sample clothing for the angels...i want to make jeans rompers dresses tunic tops shorts herman pants and much more for my fellow angel sisters I really would love to help out with a possible Treys Angel line in which I would do sample pieces for everyone to vote on as a angel sisters and Treys managers as such Trey himself if possible.... Need feedback thanx

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On: Aug 10, 2011
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I'm 22 and have a lot going on in my life as most do i enjoy listening to music mostly trey songz when i need some inspiration or i just need to hear him hold a tune....but I work and I'm currently writing books which I enjoy writing.....poems omg I write them all the time lol...lbvs....this is me maybe not an angel but always a trey's angel...the reason I have become a more dedicated fan is because I've met two of the most amazing friends a person could ever have I met them because of him and it means more to me that he could have such an impact on all of us even the ones who are still down for him that don't even have an account you are our getaway and I salute you more times than most you are someone I can always be indebted to no matter what I'll always accept you through the good the bad and the ups the downs the beautiful and the ugly this is my love to all Trey's Angel's and to you Trey never have to wait to see the sunrise...Muah this is me
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