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Since I saw this I was wondering if I designed the jeans as a sample how would I be considered as making a whole line in the future its trademark so I would need permission to go ahead with the designs I would have 14 pieces in the next month or so to sample for all sizes as I am delighted to make clothes for full figured,thick,and petite tall women etc. would love to help out

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On: Aug 08, 2011

I have read your profile and am glad to know that he has also inspired another angel to become a writer. I myself since last january have written 8 books and have enjoyed writing ive been an angel since he had this fan page but I have paid attention to how his network of angels are dedicated.women and angels inspire him to continue his journey as an artist

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On: Aug 03, 2011

My ass must've really been tired I woke up the sun was going down and my room was dark from the black drapes. I had realized I slept with another man other than my husband it dawned on me that I was no different from no matter how good he made my body feel nor my inner beauty shine through I still had infidelity. I grabbed my phone to see that I had 8 missed calls in which 6 were from Loyal and the others from Neko but none from my husband feeling the sadness all of again made my angry but I still felt as I betrayed Zim never blaming.him for treating me like shit I hated it to the upmost. I called Neko back to see what was up the thang never left a message. "Damn took you long enough, well shit I just woke up everybody don't get up early, early gurl stop its 6:15 in the evening , anyway what's up, I wanna know what happened if you called Loyal lastnight, oh yeah we talked, and,and what we had breakfast talked went to his loft OMG I.....I said with an uncomfortable sadness in my voice, what's wrong you humped him...silence fell on my end, hello Rocket what wrong, nothing can you come by please, sure what's wrong, I'll tell you when you get here, Iight on my way sis." Once again depression was filling my body I was in turmoil with my vows and being I'm this failed.marriage but all that was about to change either for the good or.bad I didn't know what was in store for me but whatever it was I was prepared for it. I ran and took a shower before Neko showed up.

On: Jul 25, 2011

Ok I have a concern about Treys touring in which he has no tour schedule and I'm getting to the fact that he's not touring because of his upcoming role in a movie just curious about if there would be a possible tour for the US at least before in which i know August would be when they start filming the movie. Please can we get some feedback on there and if not how can we get premire tickets

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On: Jul 24, 2011

I don't think it's the fact of being strong or weak in that type of lifestyle but knowing what your comfortable with who you are and who you love just because your in that type of relationship. Doesn't mean we all don't go through it now just because we're not in photos or magazines doesn't mean our life isn't in the eye of society which is public on who we date or are in love with we may not get stabbed in our backs by fans but by family people we thought were our friends old flames etc. so her leaving was something she needed to rather than wanting you get caught up in things when you'be been with that person before they career and you don't think about the things that don't come to mind saying goes out of mind out of site...but me personally I'm able to understand that you make your life as comfortable as possible and if you love a person enough to let them go if the love they had for you is real your hearts will eventually find its way back.

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On: Jul 24, 2011
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I'm 22 and have a lot going on in my life as most do i enjoy listening to music mostly trey songz when i need some inspiration or i just need to hear him hold a tune....but I work and I'm currently writing books which I enjoy writing.....poems omg I write them all the time lol...lbvs....this is me maybe not an angel but always a trey's angel...the reason I have become a more dedicated fan is because I've met two of the most amazing friends a person could ever have I met them because of him and it means more to me that he could have such an impact on all of us even the ones who are still down for him that don't even have an account you are our getaway and I salute you more times than most you are someone I can always be indebted to no matter what I'll always accept you through the good the bad and the ups the downs the beautiful and the ugly this is my love to all Trey's Angel's and to you Trey never have to wait to see the sunrise...Muah this is me
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