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July 21

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April 21

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  • I saw him as I walked out of the darkness, no sound was escaping either of our lips but the intense connection our souls felt was undescribale, the electric I felt as he touched my face my eyes

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April 17

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  • ok so i had this idea that trey should bring out a reality show taking 2 fans on the road with him and it would be called ON THE ROAD WITH TREY SONGZ and us as fans get to see what he's really like

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  • So many times I heard him lie but he was my drug and i was in no era to let him go he had become something so deep that I couldn't even begin to find where it started.

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I'm 22 and have a lot going on in my life as most do i enjoy listening to music mostly trey songz when i need some inspiration or i just need to hear him hold a tune....but I work and I'm currently writing books which I enjoy writing.....poems omg I write them all the time lol...lbvs....this is me maybe not an angel but always a trey's angel...the reason I have become a more dedicated fan is because I've met two of the most amazing friends a person could ever have I met them because of him and it means more to me that he could have such an impact on all of us even the ones who are still down for him that don't even have an account you are our getaway and I salute you more times than most you are someone I can always be indebted to no matter what I'll always accept you through the good the bad and the ups the downs the beautiful and the ugly this is my love to all Trey's Angel's and to you Trey never have to wait to see the sunrise...Muah this is me
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Hey Toniayati22,

Angel merchandise is for exclusive members of the fan club. For inquries, please contact the fan club at Let us know if there is a anything else we can help you with.

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Hi Angel thanks for replying to my topic but i'm not sure who to contact about the samples for the jeans' I'm still trying to get more info but until then if you want to still do a design do it and keep under wrap for now until we can get some sort of confirmation.Thanks again Michelle aka mrscs_VaAngels.