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I have an extra ticket on sale for face value ($100.00) My husband backed out on me...he is jealous!

On: Nov 23, 2010
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On: Nov 22, 2010

I'm over 35 and I love me some TREY!!! Of course, my husband, my 16 yr old son, and my co-workers think I have lost my mind. I told them that I wanted to start a Chapter of Angels called Cougars 4 Trey! I listen the PPP CD daily most of the time over and over all day. It's on the I-pod, the computer (home and work), and in both cars. I have traded in my Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet for my TREY SONGZ CHARM BRACLET!! My husband is not happy about that but all I have to do is put on a little "Love Faces" or "Massage" and he will be alright.......Thanks TREY you did that!
See you in Dallas in Nov. I have my ticket front and center!!!!!!!!!!!

On: Sep 24, 2010

i screamed my lungs out..almost missed a day of Can't wait to scream again at the OMG Tour in Dallas Nov. 24!

Congrats and continue to surrond yourself with positive people.

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On: Sep 14, 2010

I am a 36 year old mother of 2 boys. Not only do my husband but my 16 year old think that I have completely lost my mind. I am TREY SONGZ CRAZY!!!!! My husband bought me a charm braclet from Tiffany and Co. this summer and I have put it up to sport my NEW TREY'S ANGEL charm bracelet! I also was sick after the concert (Texas) from screaming my l

Replied To: Cougars 4 Trey (35 years old and up!!) (Forum topic)
On: Sep 14, 2010
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