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Hi Trey,

I heard about the concert in Brussels. The word is, that is was pretty amazing. Well I am a 22 year old Specialist in the United States Army, and I currently reside in Camp Buehring, Kuwait. It's not often that we are able to get someone, with a status such as yours, to come out and support us troops. It would be really great if we could have you come out to Kuwait and give just a tiny Iim asking because, it's small things like this that really help build Moral. It would give us something to look foward to in the near future. Just something to think about...

God Bless,

Tori McPherson

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On: Jun 03, 2010
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I am a female of maximum determination. I will over come my obstacles and accomplish my goals. I am a part-time model, but currently I work for Uncle Sam. There is only limited information that needs to be put out about me, once you get to know me better you will learn me more...
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