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i would love to participate ; my twitter is @CharmsInterlude imma contact you now

Replied To: TCM3D ATL ()
On: Dec 10, 2012

I'm Chelsea ; I stay in the atl area :)

Replied To: ATL ANGELS ()
On: Sep 12, 2012

well im at the walmart in ATL !!!! yassssssssssssssss

On: Aug 13, 2012

1. Which song from the album Chapter V did you enjoy recording the most ? 2. How is the new single Dive In better than songs like Love Faces, Neighbors Know My Name && etc ? Twitter: @CharmsInterlude

Replied To: Submit your questions for Trey (Blog)
On: Jul 05, 2012

this is why i love this man sooooooo much ; love you forever aldon <3

Replied To: Chapter V Europe Promo Part II (Blog)
On: Jun 08, 2012
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Transending Angel
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Chelsea ; Charm 20 ; Leo && currently in college Love Aldon Forever <3 Love Meeting Angels && Fellow Team Songz so contact me ;) Twitter : @CharmsInterlude
Georgia (US)
United States
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Yes, send me a tweet on my birthday (for Trey's Angels members only): 
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