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Angelique_Gutierrez,Princesstrey,TADAVIS2106,L A N A,
I just recvd my package a couple of days ago (Oct.) and I became a member in early August 2012
yes it does take a few weeks and I'm a happy Treyangel & I want you to be happy too!!
So lets not bother Trey Songz on Twitter or Facebook concerning Distribution problems this # goes directly to Customer Service. Love you all!!
Here's a Customer Service # 1-212-420-8500 (ARTIST ARENA) that can help you . Smooches!!

On: Oct 09, 2012

I arrive in Va. from Calif. on 8/27/12 (Mon.) but Not a Military Service "so close but yet so Far" I'll just put it on my wishlist or bucklist Smooches Trey

On: Aug 15, 2012
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A fun loving & giving women (unselfish) I 'll give you my last I'm a giver not a to see people happy! If you smile I'll cry I cry harder!
Water sports/ crafts (boating, waterskiing,kneeboarding), love using my hands/good with hands- make porcelain dolls,play bass guitar,love to sing,dancing is my pleasure but music is my passion!!! Gardening. Love to travel the world love learning diversity in people & culture,foods. I live life to its fullest!!!
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Favorite artist: Mr Trey Songz - he sings from the heart & Soul I just melt like butter!!! Chris m.Brown- love his dance moves! Favorite band- means more than one person- good ? I get back to you on that one
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Tracey Michelle Beddingfield Nickname:tray
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