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treeeeeeeeey lover3


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Hey Trey;**** you need to cum to NORWAY, oslo!! maybe you could do a international tour or somethin ;-). please consider it. that would be freakkin awesomee^^ i just wanted to say that i love ur music and ur songs..! i listen 2 them everyday. i love ur voice and the lyrics. espesially the song i can't help but wait. you are so talented and you deserve all the success... if u see this, i just want to say- keep it up tremaine baby- and think about my suggestion lol;*

hugs n kisses from norway

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On: Sep 02, 2010
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treeeeeeeeey lover<3
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hey yall:) name is Synne and im from the great country norway.! i just finished my year as an exchange student in branchville, south carolina. While i wus dwn there i listened to trey all the time! im a big fan<3