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TremaineNeversonGotMe Addicted


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Trey Songz . Hands Down . No Competetion . Tremaine Neverson Def Got Me Addicted !

Replied To: bow wow or trey songz? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 20, 2010

Love Em Both Like Craszy !!! TeamBreezy & TeamSongz Till The Death Ov Me !!!

Replied To: WHO IS BETTER CHRIS BROWN or TREY SONGZ? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 20, 2010

#TeamSongz & TeamBreezy Always & Forever !!!!!!!!

On: Aug 20, 2010

I would be in a daze, Start crying & Def Go up there with him . Mostly i would show him all the love i have for him ! Tremaine Neverson Def Got ME Addicted !

On: Aug 20, 2010

Stay there through thick or thin . He's shown much love to all his fans thru his inspiring words, his hard ans his music, only right to be there when he needs us the most . Tremaine Neverson Drf. Got ME Addicted !

On: Aug 20, 2010
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TremaineNeversonGotMe Addicted
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Trey Songz is my love . since day one, this man has truly touched my life with every performance, every interview,every album,every record, every music video and the list goes on . uqh he brings something new to the industry, he has an amazing personality ; smooth swacee, a gorgeous smile, a unique beautiful voice, an amazing body !! uqh i can go on forever . i love Trey. ( TremaineNeversonGotMe Addicted ] btw thas ma hunnie so dipp !
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