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Honestly i LOVE Trey Songz and i couldn't see my life without him. When i am all down and sad maybe even crying once i play Trey i cheer up instantly. That is amazing, he turns my frown into a smile!!! I support him in any way i can. I have been begging my parents to let me be a Treys Angel since the fan club came out. I am just now becoming one 7-15-2011 because they think i have some kind of problem. Which i don't i mean i just can't help but loooove him!!! Trey is AWESOME!!! I believe there is no artist like him. He is the best. Trey does everything he can to connect with his fans.. Ustream, Say now, Twitter..etc, but the thing i like about Trey the most is the love he has for his family. Like on Trey Songz My Moment when his mother (April) said that she could never depend on or trust a man until she had Tremiane. Wow so touching and his tattoo on his chest is really creative ik it took forever to come up with. Ugh running out of characters so bottom line I LOVE TREY SONGZ((;
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