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He is a great man and takes care of the women in his family. He cares for his fans and ugh he is soooo sexy.!

On: Aug 13, 2010

i love it so much because it shows you how he is a wonderful man. It put a smile and a tear to my eye when Mrs. Tucker said that tremaine is the only man that she could ever depend on. Trey i love you so much and what you do muhhh.!

On: Aug 13, 2010

yes most of day...if im not listening to his songz im watching treysongz my moment re-runs, or look at his sexy self on ustream or family gets tired of seeing trey but i dont lol (n yuup he is my ringtone for everybody and message tone)

On: Aug 13, 2010

ummm i think dey r angels

On: Aug 13, 2010

yeah i like the one on his chest because it was to sweet. But also the wings on his back (trey said they are for all the people who pray for him)

On: Aug 13, 2010
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yuuuup.! im dha real trey songz fan forget dhat im wifey bt anyways......i love being at school gettn a education and when i get a chance i wont to at least a dayy with tremaine neverson NOT trey. I wanna talk to the tremaine nothing but a handsome respectable man. Not trey songz a famous loving person cause i dnt love trey because he is famous. I like trey because how he treats his mother, the love he has for his fams, his voice, his songz, his smile makes my heart melt, his cool sexy swagg lol, last but nt least his SEXY face n dhat body lol.! LUV YU TREY SONGZ MUHH...N MUCH LOVE . I AM HERE TO SUPPORT YOU THROUGH YOUR WHOLE CAREER.!
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