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and even MORE AMAZING will be to spend a day with trey, ♥ That will make my whole year.

On: Feb 12, 2013

My "Simply Amazing" Valentine's Day is just to spend time with the person i love and that is closes to my heart. I just want to spend all day with him , and show him that he is one of the most important things to me on this earth. We can go out to eat, watch a movie..whatever it doesn't matter as long as im with him. Because we love each other , which makes it simply amazing ♥

On: Feb 12, 2013

Umm , it took me like a week ? When did you become an angel ?

Replied To: Angels package ()
On: Jan 26, 2013

Thankyouu :) and no i joined yesterday,

Replied To: Freshman to Angel♥ ()
On: Oct 05, 2012

My Birthday is today tooo , Happy Birthday loveee ♥ :)

Replied To: My birtday heart ()
On: Oct 04, 2012
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Trey Daddy ♥
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I breathe, live, & love Trigga. One of his BIGGEST FANS! ♥
I love to sing, think about my husband & talk about my husband. I cheerlead and i love to dance. Just a free spirited person :)
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Yes , my birthday is todayy. October 4th.