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Replied To: Gotta Make It ft. Twista (Video)
On: Sep 27, 2009
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Trey Songz Admirer
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Iam a young female who is not only a Trey Songz fan but Im also an Trey Songz admirer because his music is music I can relate to his music makes me think about things in away I never thought about, his music tells a story that I guess you can say helps me get through life in away that I can exspress myself and still be me in away. The first song I heard was gotta make it and since then I've been hooked, even though Im young and just now really trying to live my life Trey's music is something I can always turn it on and hear honesty, life,fun. I love different types of music and I love to dance,I also love spending time with my family,friends. I enjoy writing, reading books, being on my computer, playing games depending on the game, I enjoy traveling,taking pictures, and figuring out things. Im nice but also can be mean when I want to or have to, im stroung minded, down to earth but quit at times, Im me.