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On: Sep 07, 2010
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My name is Stephanie, I live in Chester, PA, right near Philadelphia. I'm currently working on my Master's Degree in Education, and I received my BS from Widener University. I'm the mother of a 1 yr old baby boy, and I love it. I'm a friendly, outgoing, friendly, and fun person to be around. As for Trey, Lord have mercy. I'm one of his most biggest fans. I mean I have all of his cd's, I've been to several concerts of his, and I've even written a letter to Power 99 about him, and sad to say he got it and I missed the chance to speak with him cause I was at work, and we can't have our radios on. SMDH! Last night I went to the concert at the TOWER and I must say he set it off, had my panties all in an uproar... HAHA! So just a little about me. Love it or Don't I'm still gone be the successful independent sistah that I am! Ya dig!