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Hey Trey i was just having fun with your new PPP album and thought i would share it with you. Not sure if you will read it, but if you do tell me what you think... just a lil humor all in fun..... so here it is

Girl, that lil nigga something.... i listen to my voicemail last night and he was on there like #8, so i did right. He go ask me am I #4, I was like yea...then he was like can I come give you a #3. I said HELL YEAH!. when he pulled up he call to tell me he was about to ring the #13, I said no need it's already open. He came in and was like #5, then he laugh and said he know #12 huh?.. I was a bit hesitant at 1st, then he go say #1, so I laugh then quickly gave in. he started to and asked me did i mind a lil #6, i told him i like it hard. So once he finished, he asked me if I mind if he kiss my #11 i was like no, not at all. With one kiss he was like girl with all this #14 i'm about to have you in here making #2, and i was like c'mon daddy. So he whipped his thing out and hit me in my eye. he kissed it and said you not #16 huh baby? when he did his do...i was like thank you baby and he said the #10 was all his. As we laid there together he whispered in my ear #17.... i said really? He said you know its #15, so i was like what you talking about? He said we #7... I was like why? He said because we were #9.... and I'm still smiling today :).

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On: Sep 14, 2010
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