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I am so happy this morning, I was looking in my inbox and I got my letter from Trey, I had already rcvd my PPP pkg in Sept and it was not included but that's alright, I got it via email. I'm good, I'm good (Me doing running man) Commere!!!

On: Oct 17, 2010

How sweet is that, I tell you Trey is not an ordinary singer. It is so much more to him, that's why I love him so. But with that being said I didn't get that in my $65 pkg. Oh well. I'll just copy yours and act like I got it too is that ok. :-) LOL.

On: Oct 16, 2010

My Trey dawg and I were just talking about this same thing, if they are together it's all good. Trey don't seem to be the step dad type. I see him wit his own seed, ( well I did hear that she was prego's by him). But anyway, Trey needs love too, he's a strong back, sexy (freaky) young man and hell I can't hate on her if she's getting all dat I like Nu Nu. DAMN, she lucky, um um um. Anyways, Trey if you are reading this all I want is to meet you tell you what an impact your music has had on my life, a hug and big kiss on the cheek from you and i'm set for life. Love ya.

On: Oct 15, 2010
On: Oct 14, 2010
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On: Oct 14, 2010
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