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On: Oct 14, 2010
Replied To: FAV 5 (Blog)
On: Oct 14, 2010

I'm here in Jacksonville and hadn't seen Trey since April of this year I am so damn mad he is not coming to FL for PPP tour or the OMG tour, what is up with that, I mean he is always in ATL or NYC........... we love you too Trey. Can the FL angels get a lil bit of that massage action Mr. Steal your girl. Hey Angel follow me on twitter @TreyDayUrDay.

Replied To: Where are the FL Angels at?? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 09, 2010

I would love any opportunity to meet Trey being that he has not come to FLORIDA since April of this year, and I am well overdue for a concert. I too want to hear MASSAGE live and in person unless of course I could be the one on stage he actually gives one to, OMG, I've started to drift off into my fantasies again, excuse me Trey has that affect on me. But yeah, I'm definitely all for this and I think Trey would have no problem with doing this I truly believe he adores us just as much as we do him. Come on Atlantic, Kevin Liles, Team Trey, his drummer........lets do this!!!

Replied To: ANGELS ONLY TOUR/EVENT PETITION!!! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 08, 2010

I was asking the same thing. I called tix master they told me that the meet and greet was for Usher only. I only want to meet Trey myself, really like Usher..........heart and love belongs to Trey.

Replied To: Meet & greet for OMG Tour? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 08, 2010
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