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Hey girl! I am back in action. I have been missing from here for a while. How you been? I have to get my Angel status back up to date. Are you going to the concert??? I hope so! Talk to you soon!

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Hey babygirl private message on twitter or contact me on ALLABOUTTRIGGA. I tried to call last night got no answer but the P.I.R. blog has been updated!

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FanFictionAddicts Management?

Follow @RatedGorgeous on Twitter for updates….'s picture

tryin 2 reach u sis so we can get 2 know each other. hit me up.'s picture

tryedee im tryin 2 get n touch w/ u. hit me up on or twitter @angel4tan's picture

hey dee, hit me on twitter whn u get this message @angel4tan. we're roomies so just wanted 2 say hi.'s picture

THANKS sis we'll rep all the Angels in spirit's picture

Hey I'm staying at the Hampton Inn and you get free breakfast also. So let me know what day your going

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What up girl? I know I been gone for a min but I am back. You know I can't stay away for too long. How you doing? I am eventually gonna make my way back to Twitter.

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Hey hun! Im a fellow DMV Angel and jus wanted to show some luv. Are you gettin a VIP Package as well?