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the first person I follow and the reason why i got twitter was @treysongz :) and the first person to follow me was @JohnnyMarines a latin group manager

Replied To: Who.... (Forum topic)
On: Sep 21, 2011

mine is Tanya Salgado

Replied To: Google+ Angels (Forum topic)
On: Sep 19, 2011
Replied To: GOOGLE+ HANG OUT *UPDATE* (Blog)
On: Sep 08, 2011

You're not the only one mine passed a couple of days ago and didn't get mine either. I believe it will take some time for them to actually send a tweet to us on our birthdays hopefully they change that and do send tweets.

Replied To: BIRTHDAY TWEETS (Forum topic)
On: Sep 06, 2011

Hell yeah I'll purchase BET My Moment of my Trey. And I don't know about the price it just should not be worth more than $20 or $30!

On: Jul 22, 2011
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I am a latina, I'm a Massage therapist student. A fan of Trey Songz from I Gotta Make It. I'm also a proud member of Trey's Angels. AngelNN: #PoisedAngel
United States
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Yes, send me a tweet on my birthday (for Trey's Angels members only):