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Everyone has really good posts. Thanks Angels!!!!!

On: Oct 31, 2010

@ SShorty Thanks for responding to my thread! This is also one of my favorite tracks on the album. I like that he incorporated this out of the box song with thoughtful lyrics. I really like songs that this for him it shows such depth in the his writing ability.

I really like your take take on the song meaning : ) I totally agree the man in the song could be 'blind' to what the woman he loves really is inside but he is blind by her beauty or he just doesn't want to come to terms that the woman is flawed.

I was trying to stretch the possible idea that maybe the woman is actually a metaphor for cocaine "Put his nose smack dead on the line" or drugs. When this man feels pain, the drugs make the man blind to his pain. Describing a relationship to drugs that resembles an unstable relationship to a woman. It makes me think of the 50 Cent's "A Baltimore Love Thing."

I would love to hear Trey's describe why he wrote this song and get his perspective on it : )

On: Oct 27, 2010

Thanks everyone for checking out the video : ) I filmed this at his concert in Connecticut on the PPP tour. I had front row when he did this and I put it on the site to share with all the Angels. Glad you all enjoyed the video : )

On: Oct 11, 2010
Replied To: TREY Q&A (Blog)
On: Oct 09, 2010

@ jnkdiva00 Thanks girl : )

On: Oct 03, 2010
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