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On: Mar 30, 2010
Replied To: Successful - Drake & Trey Songz (Video)
On: Sep 06, 2009
On: Sep 05, 2009
On: Sep 03, 2009
Replied To: Fans Call In & Interview Trey! (Blog)
On: Aug 23, 2009
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Hello All! Here 4 Trey Songz Only! I Kno There R Many Other Female Claiming Him, N Th@s Ok. But I, Have Been Holding Trey Down Since He First Started. When He Was Doin The Rappin Thing N Th@ Didnt Work Out 2 Well. Then When He Just Had 2 Make It! I Already Knew He Would, Becuz His Voice Is Just Soo Unique! N His Swagg Is Amazing! I Love It! Trey U R My Drug! I Support You In Whatever You Do. Therefore, I Support My Habit! N Yes! I Am Addicted 2U. I Have Been Ready! Since Day 1. How About YOU? I'll H-O-Double L-A! ;o) Truth{B}riTold: Nationality: African-Native American-Irish. Im A PUZZLE, INDEED!!! I Am A Handful. So Think Of Bri As A MIKE & IKE Or A JELLY BEAN. =o) Yuuup! {}