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omg okay so I dont know if you rememer me but I'm @trey_num_1Angel on twitter and once again you're an amazing writer. From the looks of it you write everyday so you're definitely dedicated in what you do and you kep your readers interested. As far as a movie I would want trey to be his self and I'm not sure about the others. I wuld most definitely buy this if it were a book so you should look into it :) if yo do a continuation suprise me lol. And when I read this story I was able to vision everything that was happening so that's good. Keep up the good work. Honestly it's writers like you that I look up to because you're dedicated, you have the skill, and you do keep you're readers wondering "what's going to hapen next?". I do want to become a writer so I do look up to good writer's and you're one of them! I'm actually in the process of a story(trey songz fanfiction) so I hope to get that up here soon. Great work though!

On: Aug 25, 2011

yooooo this was posted on my birthday lol. but you should put the anticipation album on here.

On: Jul 17, 2011
On: Jul 17, 2011
Replied To: Already Taken [Step Up 3D] (Video)
On: Jul 17, 2011

i followed you back

On: Jul 15, 2011
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