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July 12

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September 26

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  • While in South Africa, Trey took in the sights at the Game Resreve and wanted to share a little of what he experienced with you. For your viewing pleasure, proceed to the video by clicking HERE.



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August 26

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December 8

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  • For those who may have not been keeping up with our Ultimate Angel winners thus far, allow us to bring you up to speed. Below, are the proud recipients of the OMG Ultimate Angel Contest.

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November 19
November 12

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November 4

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jakisha_ballard's picture

Any angels have the scoop on the skip line for the 8/11/13 San Antonio show?

n3wm3l's picture

cant wait til feb im c u there trey

treysongzangel29's picture

Trey Angel for life.....woop

Mspam90's picture

I am still waiting for my membership package. Any idea who can I contact to find out when it will be delivered?

reanie0781's picture

I am still awaiting my membership package. Who can I contact to find out when it will be delivered? Thanks

D_SYFFRARD's picture

I ordered a membership and I have been having issues logging onto all the websites. I have provided several trouble tickets to resolve these issues. I don't know what to do so I am requesting assistance. I would like to enter the skip the line contest for College Park GA on 25 August 2012.

exoticmami's picture

I ordered the Deluxe Collector's Pack on 8/12/12 and would like to enter the skip the line contest for College Pk GA

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

The Angels 'Skip the Line' post needs to be fixed. It cut off the instructions.

Cupcakenini's picture

Im new thank you i love you @TreySongz

breezy921's picture

I love being an Angel! Is there a way to contact Trey or whoever runs this privately? I have a question so I didn't want to make a discussion board about it. Contact me ASAP! Thanks!

iLuvSongzCDB's picture

So glad to be back...and so happy to see all the GOOD things Trey is doing!!! It's really special to see someone with so much give so freely of themselves...I love it...and I love Trey...I also love how this fan club is like no other and actually keeps fans connected to the artist!!! Ya'll are the best!!!

LaBella28's picture

I renewed my Angels membership in late September. I received a new shirt & dog tag but not the pin. Are there any procedures in place to rectify this?

TriggaLILangel's picture

I renewed my angels membership last month and i have just received my shirt dog tag and letter. I was wondering when the pin was going to come through?

iBeLikeYuuup's picture

you're doing an amazing job with this website! keep it up. & i hope one day i'll see @CaitYUUUP on your Follow Friday list! Woop. WE LOVE TREY.

Cleo's picture

by the way keep up the good work !! i really appreciate ya

Cleo's picture

hey im hoping one day ill be on the friday list to get followed by trey ! @LovexFaces_o_o :) *crossing fingers*

iSparks87's picture

You're doing an amazing job!!! Keep it up!!! :)

NELLZ's picture

hey i was put on the folow friday list for 8-12-11 and i havent been followed yet.. :( my twitter id is @dat_gurl_nelly

NELLZ's picture

hey i was put on the folow friday list for 8-12-11 and i havent been followed yet.. :( my twitter id is @dat_gurl_nelly

NELLZ's picture

hey i was put on the folow friday list for 8-12-11 and i havent been followed yet.. :( my twitter id is @dat_gurl_nelly...

Christel816's picture

Trey Songz Can Call Me Now And Sing Happy Birthday To Me! ;) Also follow me @Christel816

Bernice08's picture

hey how do i get on the follow friday list? i've been an angel since forever lol but online since last september. @Miamisw3etheart

ILoveTrey94's picture

heyy angelssss can you guys put me up for next week follow friday please it would mean the world ive been working extra hard to try & get trey to follow me this would mean the world to me i pray & i pray that one day he would follow me please & thank you imma keep on praying follow me @iluvtrey9494_

Chrissy_On_Ice's picture ...I myself have brought most of the merchandise and cant wear any of it at all, but i dont wanna feel left out and i wanna have the same as all the other angels and I wanna show my support for Trey I know its far fetched but I would love to see sizes up to 1X to 5X for myself and the more to love angels. I would love to be able to wear at least one of the tees to an AWH mission so I can so I rep Trey & the Angels too

Chikia's picture

Hi, I'm new here, just stopping by to say "HELLO"'s picture

Love our photos and so proud of all my sister Angels and we were glad to represent Trey. We are planning for next year hopefully Trey will perform at Essence next year and we will have even more Angels in the house just look for our red glow sticks at every show.

Hopesluv4music's picture

I can hardly wait for Trey to follow me on twitter.....I love Trey so much.... I am honored to be one of Trey's Angels!!!

yesenia's picture

Love much, fly high.
this ones for the Trey's Angels Team!!!!!!!!!

babidollface1's picture

Im just so happy..been happy ever since trey followed 4-15-11 !!!!!! ;D ;D < 3

Haylee's picture

yuuuuuuuuuuuuup !!

Lucy_Mae's picture

hey my angels follow me on twitter @LucyLovesTrigga and i'll follow back to show the angel love!! thanks!

PrettyTallAngel's picture

how can we order the jackets?

Charlie Fierce's picture



babidollface1's picture


caramel_angel12's picture


WhitneyDesiree&#039;'s picture

Hi there is an Angel named NaKendra & she posted in an discussion that her sister is 17 & has cancer. Nakendra would like 2 know if there is any way she could get information so her sister can meet Trey. I had 2 come & post this becuz her sister is right behind me in age. & I think its sad that she has 2 go through dealing with cancer at 17. So if yall could PLEASE go 2 her discussion which is entitled Trey fan has cancer Iam sure it would mean alot 2 NaKendra....This isn't just a fanclub we r all A BIG HAPPY FAMILY...I HOPE yall see this. Thanks::))

bstofthebst's picture

All treysangels please follow me @bstofthebst. Have a great day!!

babidollface1's picture

follow me plz babidollface1
on twitter!!!!!
Also i noticed that there arnt any faded purple shirts available..when will they be restocked

Rolanda4's picture

Stopping by to wish you guys a Happy New Year.. May this year bring you all great joy.. Hugs and Kisses.. :)

Katlynn M.'s picture

how do we get try to follow us on twitter

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

Hey TreysAngels Team...a few of us have noticed that the aditional 10% is not showing on the checkout total when buying merchandise. Is is already taken or should it show off the total? Do we have to put something in for it to be taken? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

charity24's picture

Since you are part of the Trey team can you get this idea to Trey or to someone who can get it to Trey I was one of the Angels that was at the meet n greet when we came up with the sign I think we should get to meet Trey so we can show him how to do it This would be so fun if we got to meet him all of us have been entering contests and we have not been able to win any There is only 9 of us Please help us make this happen We go hard for Trey and this will would mean the world to us Plus most of us was in waiting in line at FYE and never got to see him

MissStephanie's picture

is trey doing an in-store signing in boston on 12/21??

ohsosexyebony's picture

Please let me know if you picked the angels to collect emails for chicago. i would love to do it or if Trey can find it in his heart to let me skip the line I will be forever grateful! Tomorrow is the big day and Ive never met Trey! Please!!!!!

MissStephanie's picture

i never got my birthday shout out today on twitter :(

Dadevilsgirl's picture


HIs-LastTime's picture

Please Check out my TREY SONGz fan fiction Stories on

let me know what you think

Tam all 4 u's picture

Hey Team I'm in need of ur help so I think that u mite know about the win a dinner date with Trey contest in the D well if u could help me spread the words to the angels I would b most Greatful

Seiko neverson's picture

Cant wait til December 8th in baltimore md, omgtour-treyppp, Cant wait to here treys passion spill out when he sings,

lala072 AspecialAngel's picture

Hey my birthday was a couple days ago... I didn't receive no tweet or nuffin like that. What's up with that? I was suppose to receive a tweet and got nuffin :o(