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his bright smile!

On: Aug 06, 2010 yes he was really with her! most fans try their best to brush off their private live thats y they say those things...but seriously all of us are human an im sure we all no what a break up feels like...doesn't mattter how but it doesn't go down right...

On: Aug 06, 2010

lol...i never did anything wit him...but i hope no 1 will be judging the book by it's cover though!

Replied To: DO U THINK TREY SONGZ IZ A FREAK? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 06, 2010

of course but i wud of prefer him not bein famous though! too many haters when u famous.

On: Aug 06, 2010

u speakin bout men?? if so is bcuz he's takin all their women from them!! lol

On: Aug 06, 2010
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i love to sing and im a very loving person and of course my favourite artist is treysongz....