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August 31

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  • passionate bout my kids of my own she keeps me goin so vibrant so smart the future...she fills my heart with joy

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August 27

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August 26

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living loving life , lover and supporter of tremaine ! AWH is my passion! <3 #GenuineAngel
United States
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FlawlessDiamond's picture

hey somehow i just saw today that u left a comment on my pics last year lol just wanna say thanks :) appreciate it :) hope u doin good

bornprettybee's picture

Hey Angel! I was wondering did you still have those extra tickets

LovinTreySongz22's picture

Hi, im new to this but I was wonderin if yu still had those extra tickets's picture

congrats 2 a very special angel sister. u have def worked hard 4 this. much luv, respect, & blessings.

Trey&#039;s P.Y.T.'s picture

thank you :)

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hey fellow Angle i tried contacting u on Twitter but they say ur name does not exist. well this is what i wanted to send u: hello #Angel just a reminder about the Yearbook pls dont wait til the last minute! Deadline Dec 1st! Luv! hope to hear from u!