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so proud of Trey he stays succeeding I love it

On: Feb 28, 2014

went in for ATL but somehow I knew it would be LA who got the visit reguardless ... still my fave is the ishhhh for doing this!

On: Oct 21, 2013

ayyyyyye lookin good Songz as always

On: Aug 01, 2013

loved this interview !!! I hope n pray he gets the part in that movie so proud of him he keeps growing and getting better n better and being acknowledged by the music community more n more !! congrats babe !! just know we got your back

On: Jul 19, 2013

already voted !!! so proud of all his nominations

On: May 29, 2013
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living loving life , lover and supporter of tremaine ! AWH is my passion! <3 #GenuineAngel
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