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I wannnnnnnnt ittttttttttttt! def would pay $40-50

On: Aug 01, 2011

hello my name is Michelle I'm an Angel of course and a huge Trey/TeamSongz fan. I love being apart of this famclub I have never ever joined a fanclub before so I don't know what it involves typically but I know I have loved almost everything they have done. the concerts presales skip the line m&g merchandise music exclusive info all of it! and Trey goes above n beyond for us fans always! my concerns are accountability of prize redemptions and consistency. different prizes for diff ppl and stating a prize and not honoring it etc. causes bad vibes between staff n fans everything else I love! also I would love for My Moment to be on DVD as well as the LoveFaces show from Chicago and Angel gear be EXCLUSIVE TO ANGELS ONLY!!! thank you for allowing us to voice our opinions LOVE YA FIR EVERYTHING YA DO!

Replied To: We Want to Hear from You! (Forum topic)
On: Aug 01, 2011

I agree def should have some larger sizes for the more thick n lovely Angels :)

Replied To: Womens Sizes In Merchandise (Forum topic)
On: Aug 01, 2011

I would love for this to go down...I'm gonna play devil's advocate and say concerts is how Trey make his $ so 500 Angels or 5000 ppl? im just sayin but I am praying for some like this :)

Replied To: ANGELS ONLY TOUR/EVENT PETITION!!! (Forum topic)
On: Aug 01, 2011

I say power1051 and necole bitchie also they both seem to have a great respect for him as an artist as well as a good friendship

Replied To: NEED TREY'S ANGELS FEED BACK QOTD #1 (Forum topic)
On: Jul 29, 2011
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