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Treys Sweet Loving Angel


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It touches my heart. Very amazing.

Replied To: Review From An Angel (Blog)
On: Sep 25, 2012

ikr i want a Necklace too they are soo pretty. They need to let us buy them by theirselves. i think im going to buy the chapter V tshirt also

Replied To: Download CHAPTER V Avatars! (Blog)
On: Sep 19, 2012

I absoulutely LOVE Fumble, Without a Woman, Hail Mary, Forever Yours, and Playing Hard. Each Album that Trey has made always has a story behind it and this is why i support Trey not only as a person but as an artist. Trey is a wonderful person and understands and appreciates all of his Angels.

Replied To: Chapter V Review (Blog)
On: Sep 19, 2012
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I play VolleyBall, I dance, i make jewlery, and i Live life to the fullest.
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i Love Acrylic Style Music Group (ASMG) and TreySongz of course...
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Im a very sweet girl and i LOVEEEEEEEEE @TreySongz and @TheRealSkitzz #TeamSongz i support TreySongz and ive been supporting him since day 1. I love my #TreysAngels fam. <3..... I love the Lord and i put him before everything i do. #TeamSkitzz I also am a HUGE @DeseanJackson10 fan. I love Desean Jackson.
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