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Treys Wife Danysha Songz


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Treys Wife Danysha Songz
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Omggggg ii loveeee Trey Songz bkuz hes sexy nd hiss music is realll ihts hiss story hiss lifee. when ii wass in new orleans ii met hym he signed mii album ready ndd ii nearly cried he looked at me ndd saiid ihts goinqq to be okayee babii ndd ii almost died well this supposed tuu be about mee but Trey Songz is mee! Lmboo hes thaa best iiLy hunn ! always ndd faeva Treys Wife Danysha Songz !!!! :D Byy thaa wayy iima 13 years yung represent Biqq Moneyy Texas !!!!!!! Byee Byee Hopp Off Mii Linesss !
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