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I love everything this man does #treyallday

On: Jul 20, 2013

So disappointed with the way this angel was treated last night....... All i wanted was a picture for my birthday and I did what u asked which was show my ID. I felt so disrespected by the people that represented you. Asking what i would do for the picture. Im a FAN not a groupie. I would never degrade myself for any1. I waited patiently while u handled your business and spoke with TI n all I asked was for a picture of my favorite artist. Some one I loved from the beginning and couldnt even get that. I felt like u didnt appreciate me as a devoted fan. You've been to Houston twice in the last 2 months and I made sure to be there both nights. Had ticket tonight to see you at Suite 6224 but after last night i gave those away. my purpose of this is to let you know exaclty how a true fan should never feel...... Your still an amazing and Talented person but I thought you were different then what I seen at Stereo Live last night. Good luck with everything u do and I will always love you.........

On: Feb 17, 2013

i will be there

On: Feb 16, 2013

My simply amazing Valentines Day would be spent waking up to the love of my life. I would cook a wonderful breakfast and we would spend the morning looking through old photos of our time spent together. We woud then take a short road trip to where we met each other. I would have a small picnic set up with our favorite fruits. I would then have a hotel set up for you to relax while I prepare for a romantic evening. I would love to end the night wrapped so tight in your arms but just remember one thing while holding me #houston where the girls all thick. I love You baby

On: Feb 12, 2013
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