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I never had a real valentine when it came to valentines day...except for Trey of course lol but what I did have was the love of my family and friends. This day does not necessarily mean that it has to be with a boyfriend or a girlfriend it's just a day to make us remember how much we love and appreciate the people who have shown us unconditional love, Love is infinite we can make as much as we want and one thing I have always wanted is to be able to see my family in the country of Haiti which I haven't seen some of them since the earthquake 3yrs ago. But they have always called and tell me how much they love me and cant wait until I come and see them. The love that they have for me is breathtaking and it amazes me how they worry about me even with what they are going through,not having the nice things like, fashion. Money, etc. Their love brings a sense of aliveness to me and it gives me a purpose to love them unconditionally. Having a man to bring me flowers,  buying me diamonds, taking me on a romantic date isn't Simply Amazing......although that WOULD be nice ;) but Being able to go over there and seeing my family would be an outstandingly "Simply Amazing" Valentines day :) 

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On: Apr 07, 2010
On: Apr 07, 2010
On: Apr 07, 2010
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