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On: Dec 17, 2009

Well my dream starts off with me working in the mall and at this time it was christmas (crazy packed). n someone announces over the speakers dat there will b a performance by a talented artist from VA and they want everyone in da food court area. now in my mind i know its either C.breezy or Trey. so all of sudden there was a flock of girls runnin down da escalators coming out of dressing rooms without payin so im yellin ¨artist or not ya'll betta get ur stealin asses bac in here n pay 4 dat¨ so im like well theres no customers ima go check it out 2 wen i get there i c dat it is trey n every body going wild. there was so manyppl dat they were bambarding da stage n trey jumps off n starts runing. n so i shout out 2 everybody ¨yall a bunch of thirsty tricks¨. (worse thing i could of done) so now like a group of girls n dis gay dude talkin ¨bout no she didnt¨ n starts chasin me. so im like dueces im out. i couldnt run out da front so i ran into da store i worked n hid in da dressing room. all of sudden i hear someone say ¨u gettin chased 2¨ when i looked it was TREY. i swore i almost fainted. i was about 2 scream but he covered my mouth n im like i knew he tasted like caramel. lol. so he says if u get me outta here he'll do anything 4 me. so we both dresssd up in these baggy clothes n left through da fire exit. now he couldnt find his car so i drove him 2 his hotel.he was like so i owe u wat u want. (then smiled, luved those pearly whites) i knew wat i wanted but wasnt gona come off like dat. lmao. so hes like ima take u out. he picked me up @ my house we went out 2 eat and then bowling, i sucked n wen he tried 2 show mewe fell n laughed but then had dat moment n we kissed. (lol butterflies) we got up n was headed 2 his hotel.were in his room n we were lookin @ eachother n jus started kissin n he looked in my eyez n told me ¨he cant help but wait 2 make me his wonderwoman but dis deffinetly wasnt da last time¨. afta he smiled n i woke up wit a smile on my face.YUUUP

On: Dec 15, 2009
Replied To: Trey Songz - One Love (Video)
On: Dec 07, 2009
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