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There are many things about Trey that I admire and love a side form his flawless looks. First of all he has one of the most amazing voices on this earth, although he does it as a hobby, his drawing abilities aren't bad, he seems like a giver. He raises money to donate and acknowledges others, he doesn't just think about himself. He's all for his fans and doesn't play favorites, he shows equal love for everyone as much as possible, he's fair. He's soft hearted and considerate, I was browsing through pictures and came across one of a girl who was a fan wearing a "Trey's Angel" shirt and it turns out she has passed away and although he didn't know her, he knew she was a fan and posted up the picture on his page and gave her a shout out as his angel who's in heaven. It was extremely sweet and thoughtful. He seems like such a great person. There IS so much more to him than his sexy looks. He proves that all the time. I wish one day I'd be able to meet him and see in person how truly AMAZING he really is. And possibly hope that he's fall madly in love with me lol ::Sigh:: That'd be awesome.. Oh, how I wish <3

On: Jul 31, 2012
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Mrs. Neverson
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My name's Jen and I'm 25 years old. I've loved Trey for years now. He's the most amazing, generous, selfless, caring, considerate, beautiful, talented man with the voice of an angel. He is clearly by far, god's gift to women. He is the definition of flawless, his music is hypnotizing, touching, heart felt and deep. He never seizes to amaze me. I can't wait till I finally meet him. He is the most wonderful man on this earth. He's my dream guy.
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Trey Songz. There's other musicians I like but he's my number one.
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