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February 14

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  • Just wanted to wish you all a great love day. Also to Tremaine and team songz and so on. Don't forget you without a lover Trey is streaming live today. Let us pray the site works.

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October 26

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  • I was wondering when you guys were going to restock the 5 Charm Bracelet. I want to buy it but it has been out of stock for a while. Please bring it back.

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October 15

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  • It's more official when you have the stuff to rock lol. Got mine today and I'm so happy. It only took 11 days.

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October 9

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Oct 4, 2012: I am a TREY's Angel Now! YAY Go ME lol. I am 22 years old and proud of it. I love Trey Songz and love all the girls I meet on Twitter because of him. I became a fan in a weird way seeing as how I don't listen to the radio or watch music videos. My younger cousin got her mom to buy her his second CD for Xmas and they bought it for me too. Been in love from that point on. I can't wait to see him in concert and to meet him in person. Also fun stuff about me, I'm weird and trying to become an artist. Like photography and graphic design and learn how to play the keyboard and paint. Can't draw or sing but I love music and I try to appreciate it the best I know how. Most important thing about me is I have a strong faith in God. I love him wholeheartedly and feel great knowing him. I also want to point out that I am not religious at all. I look at religions for some guidance but I am more spiritual believing I only need to express myself with God. 12.4.12: I am the #IncisiveAngel Anyway Peace, Love, and Harmony Lovelies, Boo
North Chicago
Listening to music, reading, playing with the dog, helping my family when I can, praying, reading my Bible app, reading a book, watching Common Law, The Closer, Dance Moms, DDD, CSI, CSI Miami, Law and Order SVU, and Playing video games, also eating and learning my keyboard.
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Trey Songz! Lincoln Park, Rascal Flats
United States
JaQellah Yvette (but you can call me Boo)
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Yes, send me a tweet on my birthday. It's March 5.
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