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The closest I have ever been to Trey Songz is when I was at a Ciroc event for Nick Storm and Terrence J's birthday party @ Club Amnesia. I made eye contact with him and it felt so intense in a way, lol. I would like to meet him again when I go to the OMG Tour concert w/ him and Usher. I have the Ultimate VIP package so hopefully when I get the chance to me Usher I can have the chance to see and meet Trey once again. That would be nice.

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On: Sep 29, 2010
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I am a 24yr old college student and Navy reservist from Brooklyn, New York. I currently reside in Norfolk, Virginia attending Tidewater Community College majoring in Marketing and public relations. I am a sophomore. I am a very outgoing person that loves to laugh and enjoy life. I love to travel the world and I definitely love music. I have been a Trey Songz fan since I heard some of his mix cd's and "Gotta Make it." I decided to join to get a more of a closer connection with Trey and to support him in another way then buying his albums. I love Trey's music andhis message. The "Trey Day" album is one of my favorite's because it helped me in a bad break up. I love you Trey, thank you so much just for being who you are.
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