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On: Sep 14, 2011
On: Sep 14, 2011

Thanks Angels just wanted to see what other Angels thought about a furture show for the Angels if it was to happen one day .. But it would be like in a positive way and fun and representing Trey in all areas of the world would be awesome. Just thoughts but I appreciate yall stoppin thru.. never know what the furture will bring ... yall have a wonderful weekend.. #Angelwithideas

On: Feb 18, 2011

thank u ladies for the feedback of course it could be orginal but the Angels are worldwide and its not meant to be a negative outlook but to see what Angels really do outside the websites and how they inspire many people and things like that i just wanted feedback not putting anything together just seeing what other Angels thought about it

On: Feb 18, 2011
On: Feb 18, 2011
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Just a laid back classy lady who enjoys life and inspiring others. I love Trey and it sooo good to be connected as one of his angels this is such a blessing. I am a fun loving person and I enjoy living the good life. Its to short to waste time ~ Happiness is a great feeling and if u love life it will love you back! @Mzlucki1 ~mytwitter My Angel nickname is :HeavenSentAngel I picked this for myself because I feel it describes the woman I am. I really love this fan club its great networking and meeting some other amazing Angels
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