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@LadiNicole I will let you know I just want to plan correctly and try to get something done for the new year. Thx for ur support always
@JesusIsMySavior I understand time may be hard but some kids have tutors on the weekends to but thanks for your support I do understand that working during school hours can conflict so its cool glad to hear you doing ok and I'll probaly have more discussion topics in the near furture I gotta step back in and bring my shine lol

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On: Dec 11, 2010

Hello JesusIsMySavior :Yes I been on twitter alot posting but Im gonna be back on here to I been here just kinda quiet but brainstorming thank u always support peoples ideas thank u always how you been

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On: Dec 10, 2010
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On: Dec 10, 2010
On: Dec 08, 2010
On: Nov 30, 2010
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Just a laid back classy lady who enjoys life and inspiring others. I love Trey and it sooo good to be connected as one of his angels this is such a blessing. I am a fun loving person and I enjoy living the good life. Its to short to waste time ~ Happiness is a great feeling and if u love life it will love you back! @Mzlucki1 ~mytwitter My Angel nickname is :HeavenSentAngel I picked this for myself because I feel it describes the woman I am. I really love this fan club its great networking and meeting some other amazing Angels
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