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My Simply Amazing has to start off with the whole collection of Trey music playing.. getting dress in my Trey Angel T-shirt ... Having prepared white chocolate strawberries and bananas, flowers, candles, teddy bear and balloons along wit a nice seafood and pasta wit salad and dinner rolls for dinner..after dinner run a hot bubble bath wit rose pedals from the bed to the bath..wit bubbles blowing in the air..take and rub him down from head to toe..after getting clean slip into something soft touch to the body smelling like ocean dream...lay him down and make love to him that will be Simply Amazing ; )*

On: Feb 12, 2013

Am still waitin for mines when did u order urs

Replied To: Angel's Package!!!! ()
On: Jan 31, 2013

and u sexy doin it

On: Aug 20, 2012

Baby u pleasin the shit out of me.. all smiles

On: Aug 20, 2012

Trey I lov u so am ready... Aint no nigga better then u...

On: Aug 20, 2012
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Addicted to Trey Songz...yuppp...TreyAngryAngel #Tooxhoosey #Trigga30
Listenin to all Trey music
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Trey Songz
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Tomorrow Scotrey
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