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I would Be all 3! I could BE His Best Friend, And Get It PopIn!!

On: Mar 08, 2010

My favorite SOngz THat HE sings would Be......NEighbors Know My NAme and WOnderWoman...But Reallii I LOve all My HUSBANDS Songz

Replied To: what is your favorite song of trey's? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 08, 2010

If that was to Ever Happen..WISH IT WOULD!!! I would probably Play It off Kewl..And Go in the Bathroom and Scream!!!!!....Alittle! LOL I would MELT

On: Mar 08, 2010

The Thing that Attracts me most about Trey SIngz would Be His Pretty Brown Eyes and His Thick Lips...Love Dat BOdiis Doe!!!

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 08, 2010
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I LOve Treyz... I WOuld OD anything in The world For Him..I love watching Movies and Eating Popcorn.....Love getting On the Computer...ANd really Smart