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On: Jan 15, 2011
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On: Jan 08, 2011
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On: Jan 08, 2011
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On: Jan 07, 2011

Halo! I love all the names feel free to follow me @sunshinetildawn hmm my fav is APerfectAngel, because I'm perfect too lol..No really I love them all!

On: Dec 20, 2010
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Hey Trey and ladies! It's SunShine! I'm a wife, teacher, and mom from St. Louis, Missouri. I fell in love with Trey 4 CDs ago when I was teaching in Richmond, VA! Way before my husband and I tied the knot. So, he knows how I feel about Trey. I love Trey's music and feel every melody and power behind each and every vocal! I am happy to be surrounded with other Angels both single and married alike. If I could have it my way I would be Mrs. Still Your Man lol all joking aside. Good music is good music! Love you Trey and love my angels too! xoxox ~Sun follow me on twitter @sunshinetildawn...Never a dull day...Yuuup!
St. Louis
United States
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